Android: necessary tools for apps development

You should install, configure tools to develop applications on android platforms the steps are as following:

  1. Install Java Development Kit/jdk 1.6 or latest one. If necessary you may want download it from –
  2. Then install IDE, Elipse Galileo 3.5. You may get it from –
  3. Then you should install the andriod SDK [ or latest one from –
  4. Set/added Environment Variable of Windows “Path” – [android-sdk-windows/tools]. For this Right Click on “My Computer” in desktop window, then you will find context menu, select “Properties”. if you are there then you’ll see a tab “Advanced” and find at the bottom of that window  “Environment Variables”. Once you are there then in “System variables” section, you should get “Path” and click on Edit or New. finally add the path of android-sdk tools.
  5. If the above steps are okay you are near to finish the set up of IDE for Android. Now you should open Eclipse.exe and navigate ADT plugin help->software updates -> Add site -> add archive -> add – adt-*.*.zip file. You will get more details from –
  6. When your are in Eclipse IDE and then click on Workbench
  7. Start getting started hello world application of android.
  8. That’s all, have funny journey in Android world.



About M Moniruzzaman
A passionate software engineer, have been developing applications on various platforms such as Android, iPhone, .Net (C#) technologies and web based ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery technologies for more than 10 years. Especially I have expertise on developing applications for Android and iPhone, as well as service oriented, client-server based applications where clients will be reside on Android/iPhone that communicate with WCF(.NET) service hosted on server. I have completed certification in Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) on .Net 4 . I have completed my graduation in -- B.Sc. (Engineering) in Computer Science and Engineering, ShahJalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. Thanks, M. Moniruzzaman (Zaman)

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